Psalm 27:1 (Whom Shall I Fear)
Text: Psalm 27:1, NIV      Tune: Leah A.V. Goslen

While planning for a Sunday morning worship experience, I added music to the verse Psalm 27:1 which was the text Ted preached on that Sunday.

I Gave My Life For Thee (What Has Thou Given Me?)
Text: Frances R. HavergalTune: Leah A.V. Goslen

I will most likely alter the final arrangement.  Most all the pieces on this page are works in progress.
(c) 2011 Leah A.V. Goslen
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We Give Thee But Thine Own (Ev'rything Is Yours)
Text: William How    Tune & Chorus: Leah A.V. Goslen

The arrangement on this recording is different from what our church will sing: Vs.1, Vs.2, Chorus, Vs.3, Chorus, Vs.4, Chorus, Tag, Out

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Note: Pieces included on this page are rough recordings made on either a fostex mr-8 or tascam dp-008 portastudio with minimal instrumentation.

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